Since 1911 the Toronto District Beekeepers’ Association has been helping local beekeepers. We have both professional and hobbiest beekeeper members with any where from one to a thousand hives.

The purpose of the Association is to assist members and other interested people in learning about honeybees. We offer an opportunity to meet with other beekeepers and discuss beekeeping. We contribute to the improvement of the Beekeeping industry and co-operate with the Ministry of Agriculture, to share the latest beekeeping information, to educate the public at large. We provide members with an opportunity to get together regularly.

We have an annual club competition for liquid honey judged by the same standards as that of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, with the winner taking home a trophy. We also have a summer mead tasting competition where we sample and judge the mead .

We volunteer to work in the "Bee Space" at Kortright Centre Saturdays and Sundays throughout the summer. We work at the Honey Fest at Kortright Centre where with observation hives, beekeeping equipment, and demonstrations of various equipment educate the public on honeybees and beekeeping.

Our members also volunteer to staff the Honeybee Education Booth at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, where they speak to approximately 35,000 school children as well as many adults about honeybees and beekeeping.